Return & DOA Policy


Standard DOA Policy – Non Insured Shipping $35

Non Insured Flat Rate Shipping provides a Basic live delivery guarantee for all orders received within 24 hours of dispatch.

However, please note that if parcels are mishandled by the courier or delayed in transit, we can't guarantee the health and safety of the livestock and thus, cannot accept claims related to this issue.

To make a claim, an accurate photo of the coral in the original sealed bag(s) is required. Please remember that delivery costs are non-refundable. Our primary solution in such situations is to replace the item, but if that's not feasible, we will offer a refund on the item instead.

Claims should be emailed along with the photo and relevant details to on the day your stock arrives (no more then 24 hours). This will allow us to process a replacement or refund promptly.

Kindly note that our live coral guarantee is void if:

  1. No one is present to receive the consignment at the time of delivery, resulting in the consignment being left unattended at the destination.
  2. The livestock are not kept at the delivery address and/or are resold or transferred to another person.

This policy is aimed at providing you with the most secure and satisfactory service possible. Thank you for choosing StarTrack Premium Flat Rate Shipping.



FULL DOA Guarantee – Insured Shipping $100

Insured Shipping provides an enhanced live delivery guarantee for AQUACULTURED corals. This upgraded policy includes a safeguard against delays, offering you added peace of mind in your investment.

In the event that parcels are mismanaged by the courier or held up in transit, our Insured Shipping ensures the value of your AQUACULTURED livestock. We will still honor all claims for credit or replacement, provided that the standard evidence requirements are met.

Claims must be submitted with an accurate photograph of the coral in the original sealed bag(s). While delivery costs remain non-refundable, we will prioritize offering a replacement item where possible. In cases where a replacement cannot be provided, we will extend a credit or refund for the insured item.

To make a claim, please email your photograph and details of your claim on the day of your stock's arrival to so we can swiftly process a replacement, credit, or refund of the purchase.

Our live coral guarantee becomes void if: No one is present to receive the consignment at the time of delivery and the consignment is left unattended at the destination; the livestock are not held at the delivery address and/or are on-sold or transferred to another person.

Please note that this upgraded insurance policy applies exclusively to aquacultured coral and does not extend to wild corals.

Invest in our StarTrack Premium Insured Shipping today, and experience a new level of security in your aquaculture purchases.


Please contact us i you would like a price to ship Airport to Airport.

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