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ARRIVE ALIVE GUARANTEED We are delighted to introduce our "Arrive Alive Guarantee" for ALL livestock purchases. At Aquamarine Aquaristic, we stand behind the vitality and...

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We are delighted to introduce our "Arrive Alive Guarantee" for ALL livestock purchases. At Aquamarine Aquaristic, we stand behind the vitality and well-being of our livestock.

While we take utmost care in selecting, packaging, and shipping each specimen, we acknowledge the inherent stress of transportation, particularly for delicate corals, fish, and invertebrates.

Should your newly acquired coral, fish, or invertebrate not arrive thriving, we are committed to promptly addressing the situation.

We offer a store credit or a replacement of the same item. Please note that shipping costs for replacement orders are not covered.

To complete the claim process, kindly provide the following:

    • - Clear photographs showcasing the specimen in question
    • - A detailed description of the observed issue.
    • - Any preliminary measures taken to care for the specimen, such as:
      • - Dips
      • - Medications
      • - Acclimation
      • - Placement (pertaining to corals)
    • Prompt notification upon noticing any deviations from optimal health. Our team may offer guidance to aid in the specimen's recovery.

Important considerations:

  • Fish Coverage: Coverage is ONLY for Airport to Airport.
  • Coral and Invertebrate Coverage: Both Airport to Airport and Door to Door shipments are 100% covered.
  • Proper Procedure: Please refrain from disposing of the specimen without authorization from Aquamarine Aquaristic, as doing so will void the guarantee.
  • Handling Damaged Shipments: In cases where the shipment exhibits signs of damage or leakage, kindly refrain from refusal, as refusal will result in voiding the guarantee.
  • Discretionary Voiding: We reserve the right to void the guarantee if incompatible or predatory fish or invertebrates (including but not limited to All Coral Species, Angelfish, Pufferfish, Filefish, Triggerfish, Butterflyfish, certain species of Crab, Shrimp, Starfish, or non-herbivorous Blennies, Gobies, or Wrasse) are present in your reef tank. Aquamarine Aquaristic cannot be held liable for any interactions these organisms may have with newly introduced livestock. It's important to note that due to the nature of our business and the delicate balance of the ecosystem, we are unable to accept any Livestock returns solely based on a change of mind. We strive to be transparent and upfront about our policies to set appropriate expectations for our customers.

Dry Goods Returns:

We cannot accept returns of products once they have been opened or used. Before opening and using any product, please check the packaging to make sure you got the right product.

If the packaging and contents are still in a new and saleable condition, you may return them to us within 7 days for an exchange, credit, or refund (excluding shipping costs). Return shipping charges incurred are the responsibility of the customer.

It's important to note that we are unable to accept returns solely based on a change of mind. We strive to be transparent and upfront about our policies to set appropriate expectations for our customers.

However, in the rare event that an item is damaged, defective, or not as described, we are dedicated to resolving the issue promptly and effectively.

Shipping Policy for WA, Tas, and NT

Shipping Availability: We proudly offer nationwide shipping to every state in Australia, ensuring our valued customers can enjoy our products regardless of their location. However, it's important to note that when shipping to Western Australia (WA), Tasmania (Tas), and the Northern Territory (NT), additional quarantine checks and government fees are mandatory.

Government Charges: Please be aware that the government imposes fees for quarantine checks in WA, Tas, and NT. These fees are not covered by Aquamarine Aquaristic and cannot be expected to be included in the shipping costs at the time of purchase. Instead, customers shipping to these states will be responsible for paying the government fee directly upon the collection of their package or at a later date as specified by the relevant authorities.

Restricted Items: Due to regulatory restrictions and quarantine regulations in WA, Tas, and NT, we regret to inform you that we are unable to ship certain live invertebrates, such as snails or shrimp, to these states. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding as we work to comply with state-specific regulations.

Voiding of Guarantee: Please note that if a package is held by government officials due to non-payment or refusal to pay the required fee, the "Arrive Alive Guarantee" for livestock becomes void. We strongly advise all customers to comply with government regulations and pay any necessary fees promptly to avoid any disruptions to the shipping process and the guarantee associated with the arrival condition of the livestock.

Transparent Shipping Costs: While we strive to maintain transparency in our shipping policies, it's essential for customers in WA, Tas, and NT to anticipate and budget for the government-imposed fees in addition to our standard shipping charges. We encourage customers to familiarize themselves with the specific requirements and charges set by the respective state governments to facilitate a smooth shipping process.

Customer Support: Should you have any questions or concerns regarding shipping to WA, Tas, or NT, our dedicated customer support team is readily available to provide assistance and guidance. We aim to ensure a seamless and satisfactory experience for all our customers, regardless of their location within Australia.

By adhering to this shipping policy, we aim to uphold our commitment to customer satisfaction while complying with regulatory requirements set forth by the Australian government. Thank you for choosing Aquamarine Aquaristic for your aquatic needs, and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation regarding shipping to WA, Tas, and NT.

kind Regards, Aquamarine Aquaristic

Please contact us if you would like a price to ship Airport to Airport.

We only ship corals on a Monday and Tuesday.

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